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iLit is a fresh collection of unique, contemporary, literary and media selections for Canadian high schools. iLit creators range from award winning authors such as Joseph Boyden, Jean Little, and Heather O'Neill to high school students.

Engaging New Literature: iLit is a digital collection of over 300 contemporary, Canadian literary and media selections. iLit also includes eight pre-arranged print student collections and corresponding teacher resources.

Create-Your-Own Collection: The iLit Digital Collection allows educators to search and choose selections from the database and build their own collections, along with customized covers. Teachers can also build their own teacher resource.
Sample Collection 1 - Sample Collection 2 - Sample Collection 3

Print and Digital Delivery: Custom print collections will be printed by McGraw-Hill Ryerson and shipped to your school. iLit digital collections can be accessed by the teachers and their students online through this site.

Registration allows teachers to preview the collection free of charge, build customized resources, and order pre-arranged iLit collections or customized collections and teacher resources.